THT Toroidal Common Mode Chokes

for 1 and 3 phase applications

knitter-inductive highlights its THT toroidal Common Mode Chokes for 1 and 3 phase applications due to an increased need in the worldwide electronic market in sectors like EV charging.

Toroidal THT common mode chokes are mainly used for 1 and 3 phase applications at rated voltages of 230V and 400 V AC in order to suppress EMC noise. The noise can exist at different frequency ranges, by this the THT common mode choke must fit perfectly into the existing circuit on customer side. Therefore, we offer a high grad of flexibility on tailor made solutions next to a large standard portfolio.

The core material can be chosen from different materials, such as NiZn, MnZn or nanocrystalline material and the core selection is one of the most important tasks. MnZn is attenuating noise best at lower frequencies, NiZn at higher frequencies and a nanocrystalline core is nearly covering both frequency ranges. Next to this, nanocrystalline core material is suitable for high temperature applications and offers a much lower core size at similar currents compared to NiZn and MnZn.

For tailor made CMCs the core can be assembled in horizontal or vertical direction on a base, a separator can be added between the two windings on the core to achieve a higher Dielectric strength value and the pitch can be chosen by the customer, all that without tooling costs!

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