Tailor Made Transformers – a key component

knitter-inductive develops tailor made transformers for switching frequencies larger than 1 kHz to fulfil your needs perfectly.

The transformer is one of the key components on the printed circuit board and has a huge influence on the efficiency and reliability of the electrical circuit. Hence the transformer must be adapted to the electrical and mechanical needs perfectly and mostly standard solutions cannot fulfil these high requirements.

knitter-inductive designs tailor-made transformers in order to supply the best matching solution for every electrical circuit.

Many different isolated transformer topologies are available but most frequently a Flyback transformer is used. Next to this also Forward and Push-Pull topologies are quite common isolated transformer topologies. The Flyback transformer topology is often chosen for applications such as AC-DC or DC-DC convertors like SMPS because of its high efficiency factor combined with a very cost-efficient design. The usual output power is up to 150W, whereas Forward and Push-Pull designs can handle higher output powers up to 300W, respectively 500W.

The transformers are available in THT and SMD design, in which knitter-inductive can offer all common core and bobbin styles such as EE, EFD, PQ, EP and many more.

Additional to the technical support in the design knitter-inductive offers free samples of the tailor-made transformer for tests on customer side. By the usage of standard bobbins and cores tailor-made transformer can be designed without tooling costs, even for smaller quantities!

Besides the isolated topologies are also non isolated topologies like Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost topologies available at knitter-inductive! The transformer product range is completed with standard and tailor-made parts of Current sense and LAN transformers including PoE.

The standard operation temperature range of our transformers is -40°C to +125°C. The SMD parts are usually packed in Tape&Reel for a cost efficient and fast assembling process on customer side.

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