New Series of Ferrite Beads

knitter-inductive introduced two new series of Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads

knitter-inductive introduced two new series of Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads in their inductive portfolio. Due to the usage of different ferrite materials composites different electrical characteristics can be created at similar impedance values. The main application of these two series is noise suppression on signal and data lines which are used in all modern electrical devices and vehicles.

This new series contains of two sub series, a standard series (B-Series) and a high current Series (I-Series). For both series are all standard sizes like inch code 0402 / 0603 / 0805 / 1206 / 1210 / 1806 / 1812 available. For each of these sizes are several parts with different Impedance values and electrical characteristics as standard products on hand.

Both Series offers excellent physical properties, such as terminal strength, flexure strength and solderability. In addition to that the series requires less space on the PCB and offers a very high EMI suppression.

Tailor made and customized solutions are for feasible, too!

knitter-inductive SeriesInch CodeImpedance range (Ohm)Rated current (mA)
ICSBxxxxxxI1SHyST22040210 – 1201000 – 2500
ICSBxxxxxxI2SHyST2206035 – 6001000 – 3000
ICSBxxxxxxI3SHyST2208055 – 10001000 – 6000
ICSBxxxxxxI4SHyST22120610 – 10001000 – 6000
ICSBxxxxxxI5SHyST22121030 – 1202500 – 3000
ICSBxxxxxxI6SHyST22180660 – 4702000 – 6000
ICSBxxxxxxI7SHyST22181270 – 8803000 – 6000

knitter-inductive Series overview with size, and rating

The operation temperature of -40°C to +125°C and the large variety of inductance values enable a huge field of applications.

The parts are standardly packed in Tape&Reel for a cost efficient and fast assembling process on customer side.

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